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SEO is a marketing art more than a science. Unlike PPC where results can be expensive but quick. SEO takes time to build up and work but in the long run is the most cost-effective form of marketing for many businesses, particularly smaller businesses that can not afford the PPC in their market.

Onsite Work
Onsite work ensures a website is SEO compliant. A website has to be responsive (80% of all google enquiries are now on mobile devices), fast and secure. There must be the right number of words and importantly keywords per page and subpage. There must be good social connections. Headings must be properly set and the right length. All pictures must have tags. All links must work.

Potentially quite a bit of work and sometimes this is an indicator that a new website is required. We will both analyse all of the above and can then even undertake to do the fixes.

Offsite Work
This is where the real art and skill kicks in. Google wants to see a website that is active and engaging in the wider relevant community. This means adding new content (blogs) and links to and from other sites. These sites need high DA (Domain Authority) to be of value and this in itself will increase the DA of your client’s site. This is continuous work.

MOST IMPORTANTLY all the offsite work has to be performed to strict and varying Google rules – break the rules and Google will ignore your site and it can be costly to repair the damage to your business.

SEO requires a lot of hours of work by a very skilled team. ElevateOM have over 50 staff working on SEO projects and are continually expanding their team.

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PPC – also known as google ads – stands for Pay Per Click. This is a model of online marketing where advertisers pay a small fee whenever their advert is clicked. This is the service ppc provides. When this is implemented correctly, the fee is almost entirely insignificant as the value of the visit is worth more than the client pays for it.

By using PPC, marketing budgets can be targeted exclusively towards users who are already searching for terms and locations that are relevant to a specific business. This means firms can focus their marketing on people already looking for the products and services they offer.

Creating a successful PPC campaign can take a lot of work. You need to know the right keywords and how to organise them into an effective campaign. You also need to set up landing pages that are optimised for increasing conversions. In fact, if advertisements are deemed to be relevant to the keywords by search engines, this can even reduce the cost per click.

Even after creating an effective campaign, maintaining it can also be difficult and time consuming. Regular account review and optimisation are the main predictors of account success. It’s vital to be consistently reviewing and analysing the performance of your account and make relevant changes to optimise your campaign.

If you want to help those looking to get the most out of a marketing budget, ElevateOM can help. Unlike most companies, we don’t try to tie you or your clients down with a contract. We have confidence that our skills and consistent results will keep people coming back to you without one. We can help bring valued visitors to a site, grow their business and keep giving a return on their investment.

If you have any questions or just need a chat about our services, pop your details into our Contact Request Form and we’ll be in touch!

    Providing a great service and keeping all our customers happy is our number one priority. We get countless comments praising our team and products; here are just a few of them.

    Working with Elevate has been such an asset to the digital marketing aspect of our business. We’ve been working with Agata and the team for almost a year now and have not only seen our rankings improve but also an increase in organic traffic to our website.

    Communication is always fabulous and I’m confident that Agata and the team are always on hand to advise if I have any questions in reference to our campaigns. Thanks guys!”

    We are now generating more candidates able to find us…and also more clients giving us business. It’s great!”

    I have a websites that use different elevate SEO packages and in honesty I can’t fault the service, it makes SEO so easy. The cost is affordable but the quality of work was high within two months some of my keywords were in the top 5 positions on the first page of Google.

    Client portal works well to let me see what is happening with keywords and reporting. Reports were detailed but easy to read if you not an expert in the subject like myself but also gave me advice on things I could be doing on social media and with the website to improve things and help the work they were doing.

    Thank you Elevate team I am very happy”.

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